Devine Schachter Polak Winter Pentathlon

À propos de l'événement

Devine Schachter Polak believes that every child and youth in Montreal should receive the support and tools they need to achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, many young people do not have the emotional, social and financial security or the conditions necessary for this to be true.

Devine Schachter Polak has partnered up with the Fondation du Centre de Jeunesse de Montreal to help finance their projects that make a difference in the lives of thousands of children and youth every year.

What better way to fundraise than to participate in a project ourselves: a Winter Pentathlon! Devine Schachter Polak will be participating in Quebec City's Pentathlon des Neiges, the largest multi-sport winter event in the world.

In this unique Winter Pentathlon, we will complete, continuously, the following five disciplines: biking, running, cross country skiing, speed skating and snow shoeing.

While completing the course (in the cold...) is a goal in itself, our main motivation is to bring awareness to the Fondation du Centre de Jeunesse and fundraise as much as we can in the process, and for that, we need your help!



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